Sunday, December 13, 2009

Splendid and Von Hildelicious

Naturally, I'm talking about something written by the great Alice Von Hildebrand. Her essay "On True Love", which was released last August, can be found here.

What I love best about this essay is that Hildebrand doesn't simply write off the feeling of "being in love" as dangerous, misleading, or even transient. Rather, she displays a firm advocacy for the human heart, and points out that emotion at its purest and noblest is strong enough to lead us to do what's right - what's responsible - what makes sense. "The heart is not only on fire, but this fire has a melting effect." Oh, what sweet news for all of us romantics!!

I guess it just goes to show that Romance and Reason really are compatible! After all, C. S. Lewis - with his elaborate theories on Sehnsucht and Longing - greatly respected G. K. Chesterton, the ultimate "apostle of common sense". The two are kind of like cheese and apples - they're surprisingly yummy together, yes?


  1. Is CS Lewis the apples and Chesterton the cheese? Chesterton probably ate a lot more cheese than apples :-P

    You've read the Abolition of Man by Lewis, right?

  2. This is Lili BTW, not a mysterious creeper.

  3. OMG!!!

    I never would have guessed it was you.

    You win, epically. :D :D

    I was trying to figure out if you were a girl or a guy, and I was totally stalking your blogger profile...and I was like AWWWW he/she doesn't have any info!!