Friday, February 26, 2010

I seem to have a certain season on the mind

I jotted down the first stanza the other day in Christian Moral Principles seemed like a pretty little beginning, but it wound up taking me to places I didn't expect to go, at all! Let me know what you think...are the alternations between free verse and rhyming quatrains too jarring? I went with it because it just seemed to be the natural thing to do at those points in the poem.


This year, summer kissed my lips,
And you were a part of summer
(though you did not know it).

A breeze stirred as we stood beneath the cherry tree.
Eyelet Queen Anne's Lace grazed my calves:
Billowing out and folding in,
Blooming open and fading away,
Passing from white to gray
As the sun passed through the clouds.

The gleam in my eyes had a name, too:
Daffodils were dancing there.
Golden dust rolled from my lashes;
It blew back into my hair.

I thought I saw some gold drift out
To your own eyes, and kindle there;
I wasn't sure – those stars were hard
To see, behind the tousled hair.

But I cared not; it mattered not,
For the light and the leaves together
Were turning you to a dappled faun:
I could only think of what a pair we would make,
Running and tumbling among the trees
(No, you did not see this) -

And oh, while you basked against that bark
And mumbled of crowns and contenders;
Finance and consequence -
Honeyed nectar was falling from your mouth
And landing on my tongue
(No, you did not taste it) -

And -
Your hand:

It was a measure of warm, red muslin
Spread firmly against the small of my back,
Drawing me up to fit the stooping shape of your silhouette.

Nature's rhythm has been broken;
Summer has not died in me.
You are the source of such confusion
(though you did not try to be).

Olivia Meldrum 2010


  1. this is perfect in its grace! don't change a thing. I adore, adore, and simply adore it. thank you for sharing it.

  2. i wouldn't change it much either!
    brilliant imagery and really captures the essence of seeing the world in a romantic way!

  3. Beautiful! Your poetry is so tender and soaring... I love reading it!