Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Say, I Say

Now that I've begun to post my current poetry, I think I want to go ahead and include the things I've written in recent years, as well - I feel like most of the stuff I've written from, say, 2007 - onwards all fits together like a set. Here is one that I wrote in January 2009, during a time when I was seriously discerning a religious vocation. Enjoy!


You say, “What if I want you?”

I say, “Well, first I’ll fear You.

For Your bed is deeper,
And Your weight is greater
Than that of any lover whom I might ever know.

Yet, I will not flee You. Not for a breath, will I flee You.
Any violation will be what I must bear.
(All of Your transgressions stand above the Law.)”

You say, “What if I want you? All for Myself, I want you.
What if I leave no room for the place of any other?”

I say, “Oh, my Lover. You are a jealous Lover!
Yes. I’ll let you fill me till there’s room for none but You.

I’ll be a little lonely, beside the other brides.
There will be lots of waiting -
You won’t be mine, completely -
But for only one short lifetime will You visit me at night.”

You say, “What if I love you? What if I wish to choose you?
For I have spilled My lifeblood, that I might kiss your lips.”

I say, “I’ll look no farther.
I’ve found my Bridegroom-Father.
You, my Love, will lead me to my childhood Home.

And if only You will hold me, and keep me through the night,
Then, sooner than it seems, I’ll stand before Your Face -
Unafraid and naked in the ever lasting Light.

You say, “I want you.”
Words crumble in my mouth.
But the depth of this desire,
All the descending fire -
Has made me bold, and so I dare to say -
‘Oh, Lord! I want You, too.’

Olivia Meldrum 2010


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  2. Love it, Livi. This is a beautiful poem. :) I especially love back and forth You Say, I Say of the title that plays out in the poem. And lines 3-5 are amazing. I also enjoyed the idea of being naked in the everlasting Light. It hearkens back the concept of a return to paradise, being naked and not ashamed, being in God's presence.

    I have two questions - by "violation" do you mean, God piercing our hearts by His irresistible grace, opening us and softening our hearts to Him, turning us to Him against our will? (Such as with Paul - he did not will to turn to God, but God blinded Paul and forced him out of a rough yet gentle Love, in a sense, to turn to Him.)

    Also, by "transgression" do you mean more of "trespassing" than transgressing? Because we know that God cannot sin.

    Lovely work... looking forward to more!

    --carla yasi