Monday, June 14, 2010

It doesn't seem possible, but I guess I really hadn't gone clothes shopping for a long, long time.

Listening to: "For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypisilan" by Sufjan Stevens

My mom and I went to Target on Saturday.

After attaining that for we which had come, we hit the women's clothing section.

It was...oh, how do I describe it? It was magical.

I stumbled from clothes rack to clothes rack, unable to contain my excitement. (Now, in my defense, Target's clothing is really cute. And, sure, I have my list of favorite fashion blogs that I visit several times a week – it's not like I'm unexposed to good fashion. But – well, I guess clothes are kind of like people, you know? Drastically different in person. These clothes shall I say it? Right at my fingertips.)

All of a sudden, I found myself enamored of the majority of the clothing in Target's women's department. Even the maternity wear. And, I mean...well yeah. You get the idea. I felt the urge to purchase (or steal) some 50% of everything I saw. Actually, I felt the urge to eat various items of clothing. It all looked so delicious. Yum, yum.

Imagine me dashing throughout Target, arms flailing, screaming, “OMG empire-waisted sundresses!! OMG long cotton scarves!! OMG gladiator sandals!!”

No, I was not actually doing that; only in my head.

It was like...I was intoxicated. It was kind of like Dickinson's reaction to summer weather...

...Inebriate of rompers am I,
Of leggings, and skinny blue's,
Reeling through endless Target isles
Of Keds, and Converse, too -

No, no no. That is wrong. I can't do that to Emily's #214.

There was this one particularly tasty bright green tank that I was checking out and with which I was a little bit in love. It was made of super soft, worn-looking cotton, and had a few buttons and a breast pocket. Plus, it was a yellow-based green. Oooh, nothing quite turns my turban like a good, yellow-based green. My mom liked the top too, but pointed out that it wouldn't look so good on me...

Mom: The green is too acidic for olive-toned skin. You'd look like someone in a Van Gogh painting.
Me: That would be really cool!!
Mom: Yeah, and also people might start worrying about you cutting your ear off.
Me: ...that would actually be kind of cool, too!!!
Mom: * rolls eyes *
Me: Well, just to * think * about, not to actually * do *, sheesh...

(Yes, this conversation actually transpired between my mother and I).

Well, the time came – all too quickly – for us to leave. I took one last, longing gaze at one particular romper to which I had grown attached, and then tried puppy dog eyes on my mom. Basically, she was like,

“We has no monies. Learn to sew.”

No, really, she said that – just not in lolcat speak. And frankly, I am taking her advice, even though I believe the last thing I have legitimately sewn would have been a 12 by 12 stuffed pillow with an appliqued heart back in the days of 4H Quilting. I am breaking out the sewing machine and hunting down cute clothing patterns online. I am determined.


  1. ahaha I love you Miss livi Lee. I'm so glad someone else has those sorts of conversations with her mother..."hey mom look! that shirt is so Modrian!" (from my last target trip... needless to say the shirt is not hanging in my closet.)

    also at my house we say Tar-shay. because fake french is so much cooler than good enligh :-)