Thursday, July 12, 2012

first look: sketches of Soleil

Shy, introspective and matter-of-fact, 18-year-old Soleil Simon is a princess of Roseland and little sister to Musetta and Percy.  She takes after her mother, the late Queen Viviana, with her wildly curly, red hair and a predisposition towards healing.  Soleil is fiery, in all things: whether in sorrow or joy; anger or love, she moves with burning passion.  Perpetually restless, she sleeps lightly every night - she finds so much beauty everywhere that she can't bear to close her eyes for long.  What will happen when she meets a man who is cold as the winter moon and still as the surface of a lake; a man who is everything she is not?  Keep reading Sunstroke to find out...

here, her hair is supposed to be emulating the sun’s rays.
I’m working on little drawings for Sunstroke banners that people can put on their blogs/pages etc. to help spread the word about my story.
now I just need to get some COLOR into this! girl’s a fiery redhead. oh, what I wouldn’t do for some prismacolors and a decent camera (it looks so much better in real life)…
next up: Mortimer as the moon.

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