Monday, July 30, 2012

Hold it right there, world.


Moomins:the Movie is a thing that is happening in 2014.  By French people.

My feelings?  Bubbling excitement, mainly.  At least at the actual concept of a Moomin movie.  

But what do you think about the poster and the other art that's been released?  A woman traipsing glamorously about in her undies?  Sweet little Snork Maiden surrounded by jaded-looking casino players smoking cigarettes?  Granted, this is based on Tove Jansson's comic strip Moomin (which I haven't read in its entirety) and could, for all I know, follow the strip's plot to a T.  

But even if that were the case...if filmmakers are going to devote a full-length production to the Moomins, I would by far prefer for it to capture the raw, whimsical, idyllic world depicted in the original books.  Not only are the novels 100%, absolutely child-friendly; they're simultaneously rich and smart enough to absorb even the shrewdest of adult minds.

Will this endeavor prove to be a success, or a let-down?  We'll see.  At any rate, 2014 will find me in theaters and fangirling hard.

(ok, world, you can go back to revolving now.)

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