Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the artist's prayer

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Today, I give you my heart. May it stay healthy, so that I may continue to live and work for you.  May it always be filled with longing, a golden string, by which you continually draw it closer to you.

I give you my imagination. May it remain good, pure, and fertile. May it dream things wild and sweet.  May it communicate joy to all those who encounter me and my art.  May it be ever poised for the realization of new epiphanies of Beauty.

I give you my mind, that it may remain clear and sharp.

I give you my hands: hands on the keys, hands covered in ink and paint, hands reaching outwards to express spoken word. I give you every callous; it is by these scars that they will know what I am, know that I am marked by you and for you.

I give you my tongue, my teeth, and my vocal chords, along with every note that comes forth from my mouth. I give you my lungs; keep them strong, that I may always sing for you.

I give you my feet, that they may take me where I must go.

I give you my ears, that they may always be listening for the Call.

I give you the corner of my eye, that it may always be waiting, watching, hoping for the glimpse of Heaven.

I give you myself, that I may become more fully a custodian of Beauty in this world, and for this world; for your glory.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

images: overheardinthesacristy.wordpress.com; flickriver.com

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