Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the Shepherdess doth protest: thanks to Obamacare, girls as young as 15 can now undergo free sterilization without parental consent

Because allowing minors to decide to permanently maim their sexual organs is a great idea.


Read about it here.

Right now I'm trying to picture myself at age 15.  If I remember correctly, I made some horrible decisions.  I was obsessed with glittery lip gloss.  I wore velour scrunchies and other garish little hair accessories around my ballerina's bun.  I was convinced that The Phantom of the Opera was the best musical ever.  In all seriousness, though - I did not have my crap together.  Most of us didn't.  And that's perfectly fine, because no one's expected to have his/her life figured out by age 15.

That being said.

So, a fifteen-year-old girl in Oregon decides that she wants to have sex, but never wants to worry about having babies EVER. (Since our government presents the unwanted pregnancy as if it were a disease to which abortion is the “cure”, who can really blame her?)  Where does she turn?  Well, sterilization is permanent birth control! What could possibly sound better to a frightened, self-conscious teenager?  After all, society is constantly pressuring her both to (a) have sex, and to (b) never get pregnant (all, of course, while ignoring the natural cause-effect relationship between the two).  

Plus, not only is it now legal for this girl to undergo sterilization; she doesn't even need to get her parents' permission. This has got to be a good, safe thing.  The leaders of this country know what they're doing. Right?


What happens when she's 20, and realizes that she wants to have babies with the man she loves?

What happens when her heart is ready for motherhood, but her body isn't - and never will be?

What happens when she realizes that she's made a huge mistake, one that she'll regret for the rest of her life?

You wouldn't give a 5-year-old a kitchen knife and then urge him to run around outside with it. So don't give a 15-year-old the power to choose sterilization, and then present it as if it were in any way a good or wise option.

Here's the thing: nobody deserves brokenness. Everyone deserves wholeness – of mind, soul, and body. Total wholeness. Wholeness of being.

All kinds of brokenness happens every day that we do not have control over: broken hearts, broken families, broken lives. Obamacare, don't give our children the option of adding their bodies to that list. Dressing it up as an avenue to “freedom” in the form of baby-free sex is putting a wolf in sheep's clothing. Brokenness is never the answer.

I'm sorry, but this is not "healthcare". This is called exploiting the naïvete of precocious children, and it is SHAMEFUL and HORRIFIC that ADULTS in power in our country have come to this decision.

and that's all.

p.s. yes I made a meme


  1. Amen. Thank you for such a to-the-point, yet humorous, post. And for the meme... :)


  2. Let me begin by noting that this is a problem with Oregon's state law, not with Obamacare. Meaning that before Obamacare was passed this was already allowed. All that has changed is now these procedures are covered by insurance.

    Second, Oregon's law does not allow teenagers to casually get their tubes tied. There are a number of limitations and obstacles.
    1. A minor must get the approval of the judge. They must GO TO COURT to get permission.
    2. They have to prove it is in their "best interest" and that every other possible method has been exhausted before sterilization was considered.
    3. Find a doctor that will actually consent to this surgery.

    This law is not intended to allow teenagers to sterilize themselves over their summer breaks... It is meant for special circumstances where minor might be in need of a medical procedure that their parents are not willing to approve, and if so, that teenager has the right to petition the court for approval.

    Regardless, none of this has to do with Obamacare.